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A New Paradigm in Diagnostics

Purpose of Diagnostic Microneedle Skin Patch

The purpose of this invention is to develop aptamer-functionalized skin patch for diagnosis of various systemic diseases such as Cancers, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

It has been widely reported that intradermal molecular composition is actively changed under various conditions including not only localized skin lesions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, melanoma and eczema but also systemic disease conditions like artherosclerosis, cancers, diabetes, drugs of abuse and neurodegenerative diseases. A number of disease biomarkers including lipids, structural proteins, inflammatory mediators, nucleic acids and small molecules in human skin have been observed being changed under various diseases.

Biomolecular information of the skin, however, is rarely used in clinical practice for diagnostic applications primarily due to the lack of convenient and standardized methods for routine collection of biomolecules from the skin. Although a couple of methods including skin biopsy, iontophoresis and tape stripping are available to collect skin’s biomolecules, none of them provide consistent and qualitative information.

To overcome these shortcomings, we are developing a minimally invasive and continuous collecting method using microneedle skin patch(200~250 μm length) that is surface-functionalized by aptamers selectively targeting various biomarkers. This method is considered as innovative diagnostic skin patch for "In Vivo" to bring a revolutionary change in the concept of early diagnostics market.

A variety of microneedle has been developed for Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs), measuring brain wave (electroencephalography) and efficient delivery of drugs through skin.

“Figure demonstrates how Polycarbonate (PC)-based microneedle with 50 μm thickness x 200 μm length could successfully penetrate the stratum corneum (about 20 μm), reaching to epidermis cellular layers that may contain wealth of biomolecules (Fig. 1).”

Diseases for Microneedle Skin Patch Applications

Infectious Diseases

Detection of virus chemicals or virus itself

  • 1Malaria (PfHRP2)
  • 3ZIKA virus
  • 4MERS

Degenerative Brain Diseases

Multiplexing detection of disease biomarkers at once using
microneedle skin patch various aptamers attached
→ “Improve the efficiency and accuracy

  • 1Parkinson’s disease : Alpha-synuclein, Tau, Homocystine, TNF-alpha
  • 2Alzheimer’s disease : Alymoid beta, Tau


  • Skin Cancer, Mammary Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Prostate Cancer

Innovation of Diagnostic Methods

“Continuous Sampling”“One Time Sampling”

  • Improve Limitation of Diurnal variation of the day dramatically
  • Collect all circulated biomarkers during wearing time
  • Possible to Self-diagnosis
  • Early screening of disease

“In Vivo”“In Vitro”

  • Innovative concept of “In Vivo”
  • Revolutionize early diagnostics market

Also We are developing

“Aptamer Skin Patch for the Dectection”

Aptamer functionalized microneedle skin patch for the detection of certain particles such as doping test, test for drug use and poisoning test

“Aptamer Skin Patch for the Military Use”