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Flying towards The Next Cosmos


The World’s Most Innovative Company

Nexmos is a Korean bio company founded in December 2014 and researches and develops various application technologies based on Aptamer (DNA).
Nexmos is focusing on research and development of early diagnosis devices for various diseases using aptamer, which is also called “chemical antibody”, with advantages such as stable structure, low production cost, minimization of immune rejection reaction compared with existing antibodies, and R&D of new compounds using aptamer.
Nexmos is hoping to grow into "The World's Most Innovative R&D Company" by collaborating with various research institutes around the world.
Early diagnosis devices under development by Nexmos are innovative ideas that newly designed the existing diagnostic concepts. In particular, Aptamin which newly researched and developed Aptamer will further the concept of aptamer. Aptamin is expected to present a new paradigm in the existing cosmetics market, nutritional supplement market, antioxidant food and beverage market, and antioxidants market.
Companies around the world are interested in Nexmos’ Ideas and Technology, and are discussing future collaboration.
As corporate motto "New Value from New Idea and New Philosophy", Nexmos will continue to research and develop new values with innovative to the market.
  • Development of Technology for Early
    Diagnosis of Diseases

  • Development of

  • Research on
    Aptamer-based Medicine


  • Nelson Son


    Executive Director

    • Proactive Life Science, Co. CMO
    • Philipson Group (USA) CEO
    • Smatch, Inc. (USA) CEO
    • Ohio State University
  • Soyun Park


    International Business Director

    • St. Joseph Medical Center Yonkers, NY Pharmacist
    • Westchester Medical Center Univ.
      Hospital, NY Pharmacist
    • Albany College of Pharmacy PHARM.D
    • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Wan-Young Lee


    Assist & Legal Director

    • ITE Co, V.President
    • BizInfra Co, CEO
    • IFS Korea, CEO
    • IBM Korea
    • Hanyang University
  • Dennis Jun


    Financial Director

    • Gahyun Accounting Firm, / Partner
    • KPMG Korea
    • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Jake Seo


    General Manager Strategy & Marketing

    • IMarketKorea USA, District Manager
    • IMK (Samsung Group)
    • Hanyang University
  • J. J. Kang

    General Manager


    • De La Musique
    • Puresky Co.
    • Pisco International Co., Ltd.
    • Ewha Womans University
  • Yoon-Seong Kim

    Chief R&D Adviser

    • Burnett School of Biomedical Science (UCF), Professor
    • Weill Cornell Medicine, Professor
    • Rapid Respond Innovation Award (Michael J. Fox Foundation)
    • Research Fellowship Award (US Parkinson Foundation)
    • Cornell University Medical School
  • Jeong-Yul Lee

    Technology Adviser

    • Hana INS General Manager
    • Kaoni charter member
    • HandySoft chater member
    • Yonsei University
  • John Choi

    Business Adviser

    • Serim Accounting Corp., Director
    • IR Gate, CEO
    • AUP Consulting Ltd.
    • KDN
    • Dankook University, Ph.D
    • Seoul Nat’l Unviversity , Master
  • Martin H. Koo

    Patent Adviser

    • Patent Attorney – Senior Partner
    • Pinnacle IP & Law Firm
    • Hanyang Intl. Patent & Law Fim
    • BKL Law Firm
    • Shin & Kim Law Firm
    • Lotte R&D Center
    • Yonsei University (Ph.D / Biochemistry)
    • Seoul National University
  • Selina Parc

    Design Adviser

    • LinoLina
    • ARMM
    • Sevo Korea
    • DKNY
    • MESA design award
    • Sungshin Women’s University


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