WD Aptamer mechanism

Development of an aptamer that binds to Dvl1 to which CXXC5 binds among Wnt pathway components (WD (WntDvl1)-Aptamer) By binding WD-Aptamer to the CXXC5 binding site of the Dvl1 protein, it prevents the binding of Dvl1 and CXXC5 to decrease cell proliferation

Hair Lost prevention

Confirmation of binding of Dvl1 and WD-Aptamer (shows strong binding at nM level.)
Hair re-growth effect confirmed through in vivo experiment (confirmed better effect than control group Minoxidil)

  • WD Aptamer의 DVL_PDZ domain Binding 확인

    The result of FPLC measurement shows the result of about 20kDa, which is the peak size when Dvl1_PDZ and WD Aptamer are bound at 1:1 ratio.

  • The hair growth effects of the animal model

    As a result of the mouse experiment compared to minoxidil,
    15 days later than the control that did not treat anything
    A significant hair growth effect was confirmed in the group treated with WD-Aptamer. It also shows a noticeable difference in effect when compared to the hair growth agent Minoxidil.