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Aptamin®C-based Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutic


Cases of clinical failure of existing Parkinson's disease drugs


Development of Parkinson's disease treatment using aptamer

“Since Dr. James Parkinson first discovered the disease, 200 years later, no fundamental treatment has been developed.”


Research and development status

  • Experimental progress of Parkinson's disease using Aptamin®C300 (1Q papers will appear in 2020)
  • Present at TIDES 2019 (SD,USA) and OTS 2019 (MN, DEU) conferences
  • Degenerative brain disease using Aptamin®C (vascular dementia, Alzheimer's dementia) in progress in an animal model (to be completed in the first half of 2020)

Target Market

Despite the demand and market for Parkinson's disease drugs, which are on the rise due to an aging population, no cases have been developed so far

  • 8,383 mil. USD

    Global Parkinson’s Disease drugs market size by 2026

  • 8.1%

    CAGR 2018 - 2026

  • Approx. 10 mil.

    No. of PD patients global

  • No fundamental cure

    For the treatment of degenerative brain diseases

Aptamin® based PD Therapeutics 

Research results suggest that Aptamin is effective in the delivery of vitamin C to eliminate it by identifying
ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that affect dopaminergic neurons as the main cause.

Dopaminergic neurons are exposed to ROS relatively high and are susceptible to Oxidative Stress. Proper removal of ROS is essential

Test Results

By administration of Aptamin C and vitamin C complexes dopaminergic neurons is inhibited apoptosis and neuroinflammation.
(MPTP induced Parkinson's disease in animal models)

Tyrosine hydroxylase (Dopaminergic neuron marker)

Iba-1 (Neuroinflammation marker)

Target Market

Importance of early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
Since there is no technology available to detect neurodegenerative diseases in the early stages, patients go through a time-consuming and expensive diagnosis and treatment process.

Comparison of disease progression (drug treatment)

Global Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment Market and Prospect
Molecular diagnosis using biomarkers
Due to the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention, early diagnosis of disease has become the core of the market.
Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Status and Forecast (USD in 100M)

Alzheimer Disease MRI contrast-agent

To discovering aptamer - targeting biomarker of degenerative brain disease -, and developing MRI contrast agent for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

  • Detecting oligomer amyloid β in the brain of APP/PS/Tau mice using oAβ targeted Aptamer

  • OAβ in the patient's blood is detected using oAβ targeted Aptamer