BBB (Blood-Brain Barrier) is a semi-permeable cell membrane that separates blood from the brain. It is composed of endothelial cells and astrocytes, and exists to protect the brain from circulating pathogens, but also interferes with the penetration of drugs.

Market Demands

The market and limitations of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Hunter's syndrome, and brain tumors that are constantly growing due to an aging population

  • 5,704.2 mil. USD

    Global drug delivery across blood brain
    barrier (BBB) market size by 2026

  • 25.0 %

    CAGR 2018 - 2026

  • ≥ 98 %

    The likelihood that the drug will not be delivered to the brain at the right concentration for treatment

  • of degenerative brain diseases treatment

    Basic Hurdle

Procedures of Securing BBB Shuttle Aptamer

The lead library of BBB Shuttle Aptamer is prepared by analyzing the sequence of the Aptamer obtained through NGS,
and a core sequence that is commonly repeated is secured through sequence analysis.


BBB-SELEX technology

Create a BBB model using human endothelial cells, and analyze NGS by obtaining an Aptamer that can penetrate the BBB model in the model


Sequencing with Next Generation Sequencer (NGS)


Secure BBB Shuttle Aptamer Lead library and Core sequence


BBB transmission confirmed

BBB Shuttle Aptamer

Extensibility of application of BBB Shuttle Aptamer-It is possible to develop various BBB Shuttle Aptamer candidates with multiple approaches.

  • Aptamer-drug conjugate


    BBB penetration and effects of CNS drugs

    Ex) Small molecules, peptides + BBB Shuttle Aptamer
  • Aptamer-Aptamer conjugate
    / Chimeric aptamer


    Bi-functional chimeric aptamer

    Ex) alpha-synuclein aptamer + BBB Shuttle Aptamer
  • CNS Imaging


    Target-specific CNS imaging

    Ex) MRI contrast reagent, PET, SPECT