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Derma Aptamin

Nexmos develop first DNA antioxidant skincare products

Derma Aptamin®

Derma Aptamin® is combined with antioxidants are proven that enhances skin function and maintains the pure condition of the skin. Specifically, specialized the effects on brightening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, UV blocking, acne therapeutics . Commercializing the smartest cosmeceuticals product by integrating the features and benefits of Aptamin® with skin science.

Maximization of antioxidant effect

Improves stability and maximizes efficacy of antioxidants

Use low concentration of Vitamin C to remove irritation and excellent effect which is suitable for your skin.

DNA effect

It is a necleotides that is structured with DNA and it helps to moisturize the skin and also use it as an energy source for cells.

DNA absorbs UV and blocks skin penetration

Improvement of problem skin diseases

For sensitive skin (skin with immune diseases such as atopy and psoriasis)

Dry skin symptom improvement effect

Rapid itching improvement effect Non-Steroidal


Safe ingredient

Recognized as safe to use as food level by the FDA GRAS notification

Aptamin® is a safe ingredient that does not replicate in cells and does not integrate into DNA.