Health Care

Derma Aptamin®

Derma Aptamin® is combined with antioxidants are proven that enhances skin function and maintains the pure condition of the skin.
Specifically, specialized the effects on brightening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, UV blocking, acne treatment, and hair loss.
Commercializing the smartest cosmeceuticals product by integrating the features and benefits of Aptamin® with skin science.

Moisturizer Devlopment


Maximization of antioxidant effect

  • Improves stability and maximizes efficacy of antioxidants
  • With the use of low concentration of vitamin C that is safe for the skin (pH 4~5) product without irritation and excellent effect

DNA effect

  • The nucleotides that make up DNA help moisturize the skin and use it as an energy source for cells.
  • DNA absorbs UV and blocks skin penetration

Improvement of problem skin diseases

  • For sensitive skin (skin with immune diseases such as atopy and psoriasis)
  • Dry skin symptom improvement effect
  • Rapid itching improvement effectNon-Steroidal
  • Non-Steroidal

Safe ingredient

  • Recognized as safe to eat by the FDA as a GRAS notification
  • Aptamin® is a safe ingredient that does not replicate in cells and does not integrate into DNA.

Skin care Test

Internal Clinical Trials (In-vivo)

Applied Aptamin®C mist atopy skin conditioned patient who content less than 29% of skin moisture level

  • 116%

    Improvement in skin
    moisture content

  • 10%

    less trans-epidermal
    water loss

  • 71%

    less skin itch level

  • Confirmation of effect on atopy tested for 8 weeks with mild atopic dermatitis (n=47)
  • Improvement of moisture contents, moisture loss, and skin itch
  • Aptamin®C exhibited significant improvement in SCORAD1) more than conventional moisture produrcts

ROS Scavenger Boosting System

A powerful ROS Scavenger boosting system that maximizes the ability of antioxidants to remove harmful reactive oxygen from the body

Intellectual properties (IPs)

Patent Patent No
Method of preventing oxidation of antioxidants using aptamer,
materials used and uses thereof
Method for preventing spontaneous oxidation of antioxidant using Aptamer,
Aptamer based control of the release of active ingredient in the hydrogel,
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10, 201, 489 B2

Commecializing of product

Product Development

World’s 1st DNA Antioxidant Moisturizer

Nexmos and partners co-develop first DNA antioxidant skincare products using Aptamin® as the widely applicable perfect moisturizer
Ingredient Distribution

World’s 1st Commercialized DNA Antioxidant Skincare Ingredient

Nexmos distributes Aptamin®C for commercial or industrial use, for healthier life of people worldwide