Nexmos SELEX Technology

Project Target SELEX
1. Therapeutics CNS disease Protein Magnetic bead SELEX
Hair loss & Wound healing Protein Magnetic bead SELEX, rGO SELEX
2. Drug Delivery System BBB penetrating aptamer Protein, Cell, Tissue In vivo SELEX, Magnetic bead SELEX, Cell SELEX
Skin Cell penetrating aptamer Protein, Cell, Tissue Magnetic bead SELEX, Cell SELEX
3. Diagnostics Bio Marker Protein, Cell Magnetic bead SELEX, Cell SELEX
Contrast agent Protein Magnetic bead SELEX
4. ROS Scavenger Boosting System Anti Oxidant Small molecule rGO SELEX

Magnetic bead SELEX

  • - The SELEX method that the most generally used, method in which after performing SELEX fixing the target material on Bead
  • - Mainly used for protein targeted

Model based SELEX

  • - Method to target cells, tissues, etc. for which the target material is not specified
  • - Develop specific in vivo, in vitro (ex vivo) models to discover Aptamers which suitable for the purpose

rGO SMART(small molecule active regulating technology) SELEX

  • For materials that cannot be fixed to the bead, such as low-molecular materials, SELEX cannot be performed with the existing method.
  • rGO SMART SELEX is a non-fixed method of discovering aptamers, which enabling Negative SELEX to discover aptamers for various targets and reduce side effects
Column/Filter binding rGO binding
Existing methods (80%) Non-fixed methods could increase the specificity of molecules
Non- multiplex Multiplexable
Long term Short term
High reagent materials cost Reduce reagent materials cost
Target modified Target unmodified